Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Library winter neutrals.

There's nothing so refreshing as seeing an adorably dressed lady or gent in the middle of fervent pre-finals studies in the Undergraduate Library. Don't get too excited about her boots - when I asked her where she got them, she shook her head sadly and said "From my homeland." Hoping that this was code for Rantoul or Danville, I pressed on to discover that only a voyage to Taiwan would score me these fabulous cream puppies.


Brittany said...

The green is the best. I still stand by it.

Anonymous said...

Neutrals are fab. However, I LOVE british green and royale purple/tokyo purple for this season (always have, always will).

Paulina said...

yes! i was in rome for thxgiving break and literally, every single store only carried black/gray/emerald green/royal purple. it's the new mustard with royal blue.