Friday, April 18, 2008

LOOK AT ME/dont look at me.

The other day, Paulina and I were scampering about in our Lanvin blouses (Paulina was also wearing high-waisted Escada slacks) and we happened to run into our good friend- DJ/postermaker/blogger/marketing major/musician- Justin. And then he interviewed us for his 217 blog, Live Transmission...

JUST KIDDING GUYS. Paulina has like 4 classes with Justin and we eat dinner with him every night. We planned a photoshoot involving his DSLR and about 600 different poses on our part. And then Justin emailed us interview questions and we each spent 40 minutes carefully constructing witty quips to make ourselves look like the most charming girls in all the land.

However, I used the phrase "fashion forward" twice and I am squinting in all my pics because I had previously stabbed myself in the eye with a mascara wand, so it failed anyway.

here's Paulina's take on it: I was almost unable to type this because my praying mantis hands are so enormous and beef-like.

anyway here's the link- check it out!!!


Anonymous said...

You guys were so overwhelmed with your fashion sense that you forgot to mention your anniversary.

Ria said...

good point, dear reader. It has been 1 year and 6 days since we have embarked on this fashion odyssey, scavenging for stylish peeps amongst the cornfields.1 year and 6 days of inconsistent posting, fuzzy nikon coolpix, daydreaming that dad will finally buy me that digital rebel I've been wanting so that I can produce high quality images of sometimes really good outfits and sometimes settling for anything that breathes and is wearing skinny jeans.

the traditional 1 year anniversary present is paper for all you charlottes out there or clocks if you're more of a carrie. so think embossed styllini business cards or a rolex. also, we are registered at general eccentrique & pitaya. gettin married this summer- we will need some sequined halter tops/minidresses or that really nice prada s/s 2004-esque ombre dress that was on sale awhile ago.

niki said...

beautiful girls who wear matching outfits stay friends forever.

Dion said...

what babes! and i have those flats too ria.