Thursday, April 19, 2007

Andrew Bird at The Canopy Club & beyond.

Sometimes friends dress the same through osmosis (Or, in the case of Andrew Bird, Imitosis?). Like, I know there were a lot of times this winter when my girl Paulina and I would both roll up in the dining hall with similar elementary school teacher jumpers and flat boots on. Obviously, Bird and his fellow bandmember Jeremy Ylvisaker have the same issue. We can't complain about their coordinating neutrals, perfectly fitted jeans, and tailored blazers.

Even in the midst of all his whistling and dreamboat mannerisms, I couldn't take my eyes of off Andrew Bird's tie, which was daintily adorned with a delicate bird. The magic is in the details. And the glockenspiel.

Ian's color choice is superb. He certainly knows how to mix it up, with a vintage women's top and...


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