Friday, April 13, 2007

[Bike] Gangs of CU

Hey kids, There's nothing like a sunny spring day to bring style to the streets.

Homegirl in the helmet, wearing her second outfit of the day, proudly stated "There is not a part of me that's not covered in patterns." We expect nothing less.

Caught in action earlier this week is our lil buddy JC.
Even when swathed in the darkness of a chilly Champaign night,
J manages to bring an edge to the bike paths. Please note the
skinny jeans/keds combo, which is ubiquitous this season.

Get ready, this weekend promises loads of wardrobe magic.

~*Champaign Wishes*~


1 comment:

Ola said...

Oooooo, my roommie! Tooo cute!