Saturday, April 14, 2007

“Style is a magic wand, and turns everything to gold that it touches”

In this post we have plenty of cute kids, but nothing can top dinosuar print thermal pajama pants with no shirt.

Morgan, 19, mixes Banana Republic (the jacket) and Reeboks (the shoes).

Oliver gets 200 Chief Styllini points for being from Paris, and an extra 75 for his chic blazer and understated v-neck.

Polos are a wardrobe staple for men, but Marcin manages to elevate his with a pop of yellow underneath and a vest thrown on top.

Gore Vidal once said, "style is knowing who you are and not giving a damn." Obviously, Patrick lives by this mantra.


Anonymous said...

how many points do we need to win a trip to chicago?

Anonymous said...

about 1000 + creds